Worst Social Plugins for WordPress

I was searching for some cool social media plugins for WordPress. While doing this, I came across two of the worst plugins I’ve seen in awhile. Granted, I have not used the plugins I am about to share with you but there is a good reason for that! The reason being simple: I do not want to force anyone to view my content by pulling shady and annoying moves! Let me explain….

Facebook Like Locker

fb like locker

The Facebook Like Locker Plugin makes a user “like” your post before he or she can even read it. How ridiculous it that? That completely devalues the authenticity of a great article. How desperate does a person or company have to be to force people to like their content? If this kind of thing were to become popular and continue in the future, then what would the purpose be of displaying likes? In my opinion, it defeats the purpose of a like which is to display the NATURAL popularity of a quality article.

site locker

This lovely plugin costs $7.

The next plug in I have a problem with is similar in nature  to Facebook Like Locker.

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress

fb pop

Not only does the plugin make it so there will be a pop up on the site it is on, but apparently, the installer can make it so the pop up will show up for a specific amount of time before disappearing. I’m not sure if the person on the site can choose to exit the pop up but to me, it seems like that may not be an option.

facebook pop


So basically, the Facebook pop up is just like any other annoying ad except this plugin is worse because it isn’t even in the side bar, it remains centered on the screen! It isn’t free either. It cost $9 to purchase it.

Do you or someone you know use one of these plugins or a similar one? Do you think this is the direction social media is going and if so, do you feel this is legit?