Website Design

In order to make a website successful, numerous key elements need to be added to the process of its development.  At Creative Media Distribution, we make sure we study the clients and brands we are working with before we begin any design work.  We find it important to know as much as we can about our clients and their services because each website needs to be customized in a way that is unique to the client.

We make sure your site is easy to navigate and user friendly. It is a good idea to have a site that is clean and simple so people visiting the site can find the information they are searching for with little effort. Another important key element to web development is the SEO. In addition to design, all the necessary search engine optimization needs must be incorporated. A website might look amazing but if it isn’t getting any traffic then its deemed useless. Here at Creative Media Distribution, we know what search engines are looking for and we add those details to our website development process so you have a better chance of getting noticed.

how are we different from other companies?

  • Dedicate time to learning about your brand before any web design and development begin
  • Strategic planning for your site layout and brand
  • Add Search Engine Optimization techniques to help with your traffic and visibility
  • Clean design making it easy to navigate the site
  • Personalized appearance and content pertaining to client needs
  • Contact forms included making it easy for site visitors and site owners
  • Social Media is added to each site we build if the client utilizes social platforms
  • Offer education about keeping your site updated
  • Do a walk through of the back end of the site so you can easily make changes to your site in the future