Search Engine Optimization

People are often wondering how to get their sites seen in search engines like Google. Unfortunately, despite what other companies out there may say, there is not a quick and easy way to get better rankings in search engines. It is possible of course to obtain increased rankings but it takes proper search engine optimization (SEO).

Good SEO is acquired organically. Search Engines each have a set of guidelines websites are expected to adhere to. Creative Media Distribution is constantly studying the guidelines put in place by search engines as they are updated frequently.

There are many companies who do poor SEO with the goal of obtaining funds from their clients and getting quick results. The problems with results from poorly done SEO are obvious over time. Results in ranking will be short lived and can ultimately be considered spam to the search engines. In the long run, sites who partake in incorrect SEO will face consequences and possibly get banned from search engines.

seo with us includes:

  • A site analysis to start the process
  • Study the competition and target audience
  • Make necessary changes to the development and design of websites so they meet SEO standards
  • Make sure links are going to and from trustworthy sites
  • Provide education and development of quality content
  • Increased search results
  • Monthly reports to clients