Six Reasons to take advantage of Twitter

1) monitor the competition

Once you create an account on Twitter, you can select the brands and people you want to follow. When you are following someone, you will be able to see all of his or her tweets. It is a good idea to follow all of your competitors to keep yourself informed. When following competitors, it is also a good idea to put them in a list of their own. You can name the list “competition” or anything else you prefer. Once you have done that, Twitter gives you the option to make your list public or private. For this specific group, I would suggest you mark it as private so other Twitter users will not know you are following any of your competitors.

How to create and organize Twitter Lists


2) improve your seo

Once you create an account on Twitter, you will be able to add links back to your website. Twitter is an extremely trusted site in all search engines, which means after your account is created on Twitter, it will be one of the first links listed in search.

Let People connect with you on Twitter from your website

3) increase brand awareness

Spread the word on Twitter. Let people know about your company. Tweet about new jobs, add links to your favorite pages on your website and upload pictures of your logo and products.

4) get new costumers

There are many tools available to help you decide whom to follow on Twitter. You can seek out your target audience and get your messages and tweets out to those people specifically. Eventually, those people will want to follow you back and stay informed about your brand.

How to find the people you want to follow on Twitter

5) keep customers informed

Make quick tweets about new job openings, holiday work parties, milestones, and other accomplishments.  Twitter is great for letting your target audience know any important news. It is quick and reaches a large audience at the same time.

6) easy way to advertise deals and promotions

Make your brand exciting and keep customers interested by offering deals. You can advertise sales and discounts to all of your follows with little effort on your end. You can get creative and make follows interact with your brand by coming up with games or small competitions so they can win prizes or promotional codes for gifts and products.