Maintain a Successful Blog

A blog is vital to anybody who wants to get noticed. Blogs lure in your target audience and extend your fan base. A good blog can build credibility. Today, people hop on the Internet and search for the questions they want answered. Obtaining a blog can help with getting your clients questions answered by you and your brand opposed to a competitor. A blog offers many ways to connect with your clients.

ways to connect using a blog:

• Videos
• Photos
• Comments

If you don’t have a blog, you may be interested in knowing search engines notice blogs quickly. Google favors whatever it believes to be popular based on user interactions. Due to constant communication on blogs, they appear authoritative.

how to begin:

1) Determine your goals!
• Are you trying to increase sales
• What are your selling points
• How will your blog integrate back to your website
• How are you going to get attention to your blog
• What will your call of action be once people get to your blog

2) Be sure your blog URL is an extension of your website. Do not use a generic WordPress or Blogspot URL.

3) Set the tone for the author of your blog posts
• Reporter
• Investigative Reporter
• Analyst

4) Select a suitable blog template
• Select contrasting colors and fonts
• Do not use more than three fonts if possible
• Pick a template that describes your personality or brand

5) Add needed plugins such as SEO plug ins.

your blog is up and running, now what?

• Use Targeted Keywords. Stick to one or two per blog post
• Keep meta descriptions under 155 characters
• Make sure your blog post URLS have either your post title or category
• Add and monitor blog comments
• Use tools to keep up with tracking keywords and conversations
• Incorporate social networking