Google introduced in depth articles this month

We all know how common it is to search for all sorts of information in the Google search bar. Well, Google has stated that at least 10% of the thing people are searching require in depth articles for results opposed to more  simplistic results.

With that being said, Google has rolled out in depth articles for search results. Below is an example of a general search I did. I simply typed in puppies in the Google search bar. Below are my results. They should look familiar to you because they are typical results we are familiar with. The results include paid, maps and organic. They do not include the new in depth articles. Now, if you scroll past the results for puppies, you will find an example of a search that includes in depth results.

For these results, I searched the word Harvard. You will see Google has added an in depth article section to the results.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 11.33.37 AM

The results are ranked algorithmically based on signals seeking out in depth, quality content.  As of now, based on the searches I’ve done,  it appears the in depth articles are being displayed from popular sources only. I have read articles that say it is possible for the less popular guy to eventually appear in the new in depth article results. Personally, I haven’t stumbled across that yet but I imagine it will become more common in the future.

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