Google Fiber: the fastest Internet has arrived

Google FiberYou may have heard that Google planned to implement high speed Internet via Google Fibers to a location of their choice.  About a year ago, Google made the announcement and allowed cities to volunteer to be the location for the Google Fiber testing.

The city selected by Google would be the first city to get the Internet service offered by Google, bypassing typical cable companies.  Kansas city was so hyped up about this and ended up being selected based on the city’s high amount of enthusiasm. As of today, 25% of the city doesn’t have Internet access.

Google started the Google Fiber rally in Kansas City in late July of this year. Google never does anything half ass. They are being very helpful to all of those who want to learn more about Google Fiber. Google set up a Fiber space to allow residents of Kansas City to come in and talk about Google Fiber. Of course, the Google Fiber space looks awesome!

Google Fiber Space

so what are the cool new features offered by google fiber?

 A slick new remote control design that looks like an enlarged Iphone, called Nexus 7.

  • Nexus 7 allows users to determine which shows they want to watch right from the screen on the remote.

Internet 100 times faster than todays average Internet

  • 100 Mb per seconds so users no longer wait on buffering

Record more on your DVR

  • Record up to 8 shows at one time!It seems like there will be unlimited space for storing shows too

A terabyte of cloud storage

  • Your fibers are stored securely in Google Drive.