Google Doodles: The most creative of 2012

Who doesn’t love a good Google Doodle? You know the mornings when you wake up, sign in to check your e-mail and then go to search something when suddenly you are happily surprised by the fun and cool design that has taken over the normal bland search screen. With the end of the year approaching, I have decided to compile a short list of my favorites. Make sure your sound is turned on to get the full affect when playing with most of these!

1) The 46th Anniversary of Star Trek

This is a pretty dorky one to start with but The 46th Anniversary of Star Trek doodle hit home with a lot of people. Use your mouse to hover over the image until you see a light blue highlight around an object. Click on the highlighted object and see where it takes you. Follow the pattern.  Doors will be opened, things get blown up, and space surrounds you. You will be reliving Star Trek all over again in a metter of two minutes.


2)Basketball 2012

This one made my list because I couldn’t get more than 2 points! I remember playing and feeling frustrated. When you click on this image, you wil be able to use your space bar to hold the ball in place and get into a shooting position. You can release the space bar to shoot or press “B.” There must be a trick to this that I was not able to discover. I wanted to add this one in case someone else wanted to let me know how to at least hit the backboard!

3) The 79th Anniversary of the First Drive-In Movie

Nobody seems to go to the drive in theatre anymore. Personally, I enjoy a drive in movie especially when the weather cools down. It’s nice to do things “the old fashion way” sometimes. Simply click on the image below to instantly be reminded of what it feels like to enjoy a flick at the drive in.

4) Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday

Honestly, I wasn’t sure who Robert Moog was when I first  came across this doodle. As it turns out, he created the electronic analog Moog Synthesizer. These organic sounds are featured in some of the best songs by The Beatles, The Doors, Stevie Wonder and more. The cool interactive doodle below allows everyone, even those without any musical talent like myself, to play with frequency  volume, range and a few other things. Press the red circle to record a track of your own.

5) Valentines Day 2012

Alright gentlemen I figure this one may not be as appealing to you all but this is not only cute, it is actually quite comical. After clicking on the image, just press play to watch the short video which will make you feel sad, happy and say awww how cute all at the same time; the typical Valentines Day emotions.

I hope you enjoyed these!