Best SEO Tool for fast data overview

There are so many great SEO tools available and many of them are free. Of course, you can pay for some to get more in depth. For example, SEO Moz offers a wonderful bookmark tool (MozBar). It has a lot of free features but you can pay to get really detailed information.

For a quick look at search engine optimization data, SEO Site Tools is definitely handy. It is free to download and bookmark. Once it is saved to the toolbar area, simply click the bookmarked icon once you have opened any website you wish to learn more about. Below is a list of the data you will immediately have available.

seo site tools

External Page Data

This allows for viewing indexed pages, page authority and other similar page elements in multiple search engines and other valuable tracking tools such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, SEO MOz and Dmoz.

Page Elements

  • Title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1,H2,H3 tags
  • Pie chart for comparison of internal to external links

Social Media

Allows you to see number of shares, views, & likes across multiple social sites

Page Terms

Here you can check for plagiarized content and see how fast or slow the page you are viewing is

Server & Domain Info.

Look up hosting information, owner of domains, IP address ect.


The best part about this tool is it actually provides suggestions for improvement. This is helpful when it comes to knowing how to make your site more search engine friendly and user friendly.

SEO Site Tools Download ( Here is the link in case you are interested)