Dove’s newest Real Beauty campaign exposes the way women perceive themselves

dove real beautyDove has done it again with yet another awesome and creative  advertising technique using sketches to reveal how women view themselves. For those of you who haven’t seen Dove’s original campaign, and emphasis on “real beauty,”  check out the Evolution of Beauty video. It is one of Dove’s most famous advertising videos and one of my personal favorites. It is a very powerful video that will explain in less than two minutes why girls have such a distorted view on beauty. You will be amazed as you watch an average looking woman be transformed into a gorgeous face on a billboard due to make up and photoshop.

evolution of beauty (older campaign)

Check this video out before moving on if you are not familiar with Dove’s real beauty campaign

Now Dove has done it again! They did a unique experiment to show women how beautiful they really are. They took a group of women and had them describe their appearance to a sketch artist. The sketch artist never saw the women. He only heard their voices. Afterwards, the women were instructed to mingle with a stranger. Later on, that same stranger was asked to describe the same women to the sketch artist. The two perspectives and portraits are drastically different. Each shows you how women think negatively about themselves while other people do not share those thoughts. Watch this video to see the results.

dove real beauty sketches (newest campaign)