7 Reasons to use Google Plus


You read articles telling you to like, tweet, and blog everyday so why add one more thing to the to do list? Here are seven reasons why Google Plus should be incorporated into your marketing plan.

1) it’s google!

If Google comes out with something new, I recommend you hop on board. Google is one of the most popular search engines but also controls what people search, how they search and what is deemed trustworthy and interesting.  Social efforts across the web are becoming more relevant to search every day. Everything posted in Google + will likely become prominent above other social networks in search because it belongs to Google!

2) video chat with clients

Another helpful feature for keeping up with clients is the ability to do live video chats similar to Skype with your Google + account.  The feature is called a “hangout.” You can literally hangout with one or multiple clients via video and chat. It’s free and easy to use.  Google hangouts are convenient and a great conference tool.

3) sync posts to other social profiles

Extended Share for Google Plus allows you to sync the things you want to share with clients, friends, and family to your other social networks. This is really handy because it means you only have to put your efforts into Google + and whatever you post will automatically get shared on your other social sites too. You never have to sign into more than one place. Simply use Google + to distribute information to multiple sites. This feature is optional of course.


4) gain exposure

Once you create a Google + profile, you will be able to add links back to your website, links to your personal blog, links to your social pages, upload documents you have written or been mentioned in and more. The additional links help to attract more eyeballs to important information about yourself, product, brand or company and gets you increased traffic. For an example of the various links you can add to your Google + Profile check out the about section on my Google + profile.

Social Pages do very well in search, so while they may not always seem important, they do help get you the exposure you need.

5) it’s convenient

There is a Google+  app which makes sharing information about your company or brand quick and easy right from your phone.  You can upload photos, share comments, links, blog posts and even video chat using the app.

6) specify who sees what you post

Google Plus will have you organize your contacts by putting them into “circles” which are similar to file names. This is a great feature because you can categorize your contacts by various subjects such as clients, pending clients, old clients and more. I would suggest going as far as creating circles for clients pertaining to specific niches and verticals too. The circles you create for relationship organization are pretty important because then you can post information to specific circles only or you can choose to post to all of your contacts at once.

7) it’s easy to set up

You have the option of setting up a profile for yourself as well as a page for your company. The process is exactly the same for both. It is quick and easy to do so I advise setting up a personal profile and a company page. All you need to do is upload a picture or logo and add some information to the about sections. Having both a personal profile and a page for your company on Google + will simply allow more links to your website or promotional page and increased visibility in search.

If you have multiple e-mail accounts, you will not be able to use the same Google + page for each. You will have to create a new profile for each e-mail, however, you can easily see all of your Google + profiles from any e-mail account you are signed into. Below you will see the drop box that shows up for me. It displays both of my e-mail accounts, personal and business, as well as the Google Plus page for Creative Media Distribution. I can easily switch back and forth for posting content on any one of these at any time.